To Studio or Not

Clean Mat and TowelIf you are reading this, then you more than likely are a Pilates Instructor looking for ideas on opening your very own Pilates studio.  Planning for a studio Grand Opening is obviously a big deal.  If you are a Business Owner you know, that the Grand Opening of your venue is the perfect opportunity to draw some of your permanent customers.  You want to host the event in such a way that engage the public and give them something worthwhile.  A Pilates Studio can have that type of affect.  Making your studio opening like a red carpet event with the lights, music and billboards surrounding the entry to your studio give the appearance of healthy living at its finest.  Offering your potential clients something of value for attending your grand opening will encourage bookings for your upcoming classes.


What is party without its owner, yes you arriving in style in one of the best rated limousines in the valley,  Not only is it a special treat for you but also its presentation is everything when you are making yourself an object in the community.  And guess what kind of business keeps these limos looking great? Take a look at for a great example of a mobile auto detail company who takes professional vehicles and makes them clean and shine. Let the talk of curiosity and envy take place as you arrive and greet and welcome your public to your new Pilates Studio.


In more detail on having the best grand opening in town, here are some good tips on attracting the public and gaining class bookings:


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Simple Solutions to Help You Find Quality Web Hosting

Website HostingWeb hosting can be complicated for people who don’t know much about web hosting providers and the respective hosting plans they are offering. Your site’s success depends on a number of factors and web hosting is one of them. Here are some suggestions and tips that can help you in looking in the right direction.

If you are looking for using server-side languages or other similar applications then go Linux hosting. Linux hosting has been known for its stability, uptime and resource use. Having a shared hosting that runs fine with Linux can save you a lot of money. However, there are some particular applications that needs Windows hosting, including MSSQL, Silverlight, Microsoft Access and

Never go for buying a free domain from the company you are using to get web hosting. There are many newbie who don’t know about the pros and cons of buying such domains as many of them are out of business and they may get down without giving clients any sort of notice.

Before using a shopping cart software on your site, make sure it is perfectly compatible with your web hosting company terms of service. An ideal web host supports many features such as dynamic content or executable files, web scripting etc. These features will help Continue reading Simple Solutions to Help You Find Quality Web Hosting

Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care – Roll like a Ball in Comfort

Floor CleaningWhen you’re doing floor exercises, you want your first look at the floors to be an inviting one. The plush clean look will make you imagine laying on a pillow or being in a cozy and relaxing space. Having this feeling in your Pilates studio, will allow you and your students to successfully complete the Pilates floor exercises knowing the carpets and floors are clean inviting and comfortable. Having your carpets and floors maintained, meaning cleaned professionally on a regular basis is not only it is not only healthy but also good for returning clientele.


When choosing your flooring for your studio and classrooms you want to choose flooring that will last for long periods of time but also will be easy to clean and maintain. A professional carpet cleaning service is normally reasonable in price and will get the job done efficiently. There are also carpet-cleaning companies that will use products that are safe to the touch and environmentally friendly. It would be best to ask questions regarding the type of products that are used when interviewing various carpet cleaning services.


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How Pilates can improve Running

Running can be a freeing of the mind.  The pounding of the pavement, the controlled breath in between your pace, your body goes through in a sort of rebirth like a caterpillar to a butterfly.  Only a runner, whether new or seasoned will know and understand this feeling.  Running has such a positive effect on an individual that it affects not only their physical health but also their mental and emotional health as well.  I was a sprinter in my younger years and only have become acquainted with running recently this year.  After learning proper form and understanding my body I now have more enjoyment in my runs.  I am now a long distance runner.  One big thing I have learned is that stretching my muscles is very important.  It is so important that I make it a habit after my runs.  Another thing I have found is that Pilates is an amazing way to get major stretching in.  It becomes a treat for the body to incorporate a Pilates workout in 2 – 3 times per week.


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Pilates Studio First Impressions: Continuing Repeat Business

A Pilates studio reflects relaxation and a healthy lifestyle from the interiors to the entry area. So when a client decides to take a class, they want to feel comfortable from the moment they walk into your studio, to removing their shoes, to walking on your carpeted areas, to the floor exercises.  Having clean carpets are necessary for repeat business. Cleanliness is a first impression to customers. Having a reliable and worthy carpet cleaning company regularly clean your carpets, will make a big difference to your client’s perception of your business.


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